They're hair shedding, garden digging, attention grabbing and at times tissue thieving - yet for most of us we wouldn't be without our dogs.

For thousands of canines across Australian today (Friday, June 21) it was their chance to star in the workplace during 'Take your dog to work day'.

For some the office meant the farm, the great outdoors, home or on the road. 

Either way it's clear the spoiled pooches lapped up the extra attention.

According to Pet Sitters international, it was decided in 1996 that there were far too many instances of people leaving their animals at home while they went about their workday. 

They claimed, 'these amazing people are dedicated to saving animals from local shelters and humane shelters, and helping them find good homes with people who will love and respect them.'

'As part of this, they developed Take Your Dog To Work Day as an attempt to help restore puppies to the workplace and help people understand the human-animal bond.'